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Golf Bag Cigar Humidor Golf Bag Cigar Humidor
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This golf bag humidor looks just like a full size golf bag. It is 8" tall by 3" diameter and has a clip so that you can conveniently attach the case to your golf bag during a game. This travel humidor holds up to nine 50 ring cigars and comes with a humidifier and Spanish cedar bottom...


  • Has an outer clip to conveniently attach the case to your golf bag during a game
  • Holds up to nine 50 ring cigars
  • Comes with a humidifier

Since the late 80's the era of the cigar smoker continues to be increasingly popular around the World. Partly on account of recognition as an extravagant substitute for smoking cigarettes, this gain can also be linked with its acceptance amongst celebs, as well as for the sociable character of its practice. However regardless of the rationale, it's apparent that cigars are big business in the U.S. with sales of top quality brands increasing every year.

Publications like Cigar Aficionado depict cigar smoking as appealing, and possibly somewhat risqué (especially for women), so the interest strikes a cord with younger individuals. Celebs are sometimes photographed at events and also social gatherings having a cigar in hand, and also cigar lounges find ordinary people attempting to imitate these stars. Clubs and societies, especially those dominated by gents, frequently design their regular activities round the routine associated with cigar smoking.

Generally, cigar smoking can be regarded as the “civilized” substitute for cigarette smoking. In contrast to cigarettes, cigars have a very unique, sophisticated stigma attached to them that usually speaks to young adults, specially people that have a greater than average income. They're quite often linked to an elevated standing in society, and the numerous readily available cigar accessories echo that fact.

Just about the most leading cigar accessory, the cigar humidor, demonstrates the general style and refined aspect of cigar smoking among young People. Higher priced humidors are hand made out of wood. They work not just to protect and maintain the product within but also to show them in a attractive and stylish fashion. Sizable cigar humidors might cost many hundreds of dollars, and therefore are frequently fixtures in the homes of the affluent.

Because of their increased popularity among celebrities and the upper class, cigar smoking has seen and all around rise over the recent years. Nowadays lower price cigars and cigar accessories are easily available to purchase, normally from easy-to-find on-line stores, at costs well below normal. Cigar shops have increasingly shifted to the internet so that they can offer a broader selection of brands to any location at a fraction of the usual price.

Simply as a result of its present glamour and in part due to its realistic cost, cigar smoking has never been hotter, trendier or even more lucrative in the U.S.